The Connected Body

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Everything we do in daily life—from how we sit to how we stand—directly affects our alignment and how much tension or ease we feel in yoga practice.

In this ten-class program, you'll explore therapeutic techniques that will help you restore functional strength and mobility throughout your whole body. You'll learn how to address postural imbalances and areas of tension that often result from habitual actions (such as texting, typing, and hunching). Each class focuses on a different area of the body, and combined, they're designed to give you a felt sense of how one aspect of our physicality can affect everything else. 

You'll also examine common misconceptions surrounding “proper” alignment in yoga (which both teachers and students should know about!).

These classes are designed to help you establish a more effective asana practice, healthier breathing and gait patterns, and whole-body integration both on and off the mat. 

Sarah Garden

Sarah Garden is the director of Bodhi Tree Yoga Therapy and co-director of Bodhi Tree Yoga College in Regina, Saskatchewan. She runs busy yoga therapy classes primarily aimed at people suffering from back and neck pain. Her classes are fun and educational, with an emphasis on healing and re-integrating the body to produce healthier and happier yogis.

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