Yoga Challenges Online

Take the 7-day, 10-day, or 30-day yoga challenge of your choice! We offer an array of online yoga challenges that you can participate in anywhere, at anytime. Daily classes or step-by-step tutorials come directly to your inbox after you register. Expert teachers guide students through yoga basics, core strengthening techniques, Vinyasa sequences, restorative asanas, or other focused practices. The challenges are available in levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Improve your balance, strength and flexibility by participating in our yoga challenges from your favorite device. We have challenges that motivate our members to renew a home practice or participate in a pose-a-day series. A short, 10-minute class can be enjoyed on its own or following another online yoga practice. Sign-up today and open your email to discover empowering yoga classes and video tutorials that skillfully break down asanas and demonstrate pose refinements.

Join a 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Month-long challenges can support our members as they establish a foundation for a regular practice. We invite you to join a 30-day yoga challenge and receive inspiration from exceptional teachers. The variations and tips provided in these classes can make intermediate or advanced poses more accessible. We also offer online from motivating, knowledgeable presenters. Choose a workshop or a challenge that empowers you physically, emotionally or mentally. Simply enter your email address to embark on a motivational 7-day, 10-day, or 30-day yoga challenge now!

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